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I'm not an expert (even though I act like one), but I own lots of guns and I like to shoot.   You might be thinking, "What makes this clown's range reports any better than anybody else's?"   Well, there are a number of reasons, let me outline them:

  • I'm not selling anything.
  • I'm only posting reports on guns that I own (and paid for) myself.
  • I won't read something in a few places and then regurgitate it as fact.
  • I'll call a spade, a spade.   Just because I own it doesn't automatically make it good.

Here are my range reports:

Colt Anaconda
.44 Magnum Revolver
Smith and Wesson Model 651
.22 WMR Kit Gun
Smith and Wesson Model 4506
3rd Generation .45 ACP
Smith and Wesson Model 547
9mm (9x19) Revolver
Winchester Model 9422
.22 Lever Action Rifle
Smith and Wesson Model 642 "Airweight"
.38 Special Revolver
Smith and Wesson Model 696
.44 Special Revolver
Interarms PPK
.380 Automatic
Glock 17
9x19 Automatic

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